Improving Ultrasound Quality and Productivity

A radiologist reviews ultrasound images

Diagnostic Reports are the end product of an ultrasound exam. Unfortunately, many challenges exist in providing these reports.

The Workload Crisis

It is estimated that the number of ultrasound exams is growing 5% annually. The number of Radiologists has not kept up with this demand. Sonographer demand has also not kept up and the profession is expected to grow 14% between 2020-2030. To confound the situation, reimbursement has decreased 31% over the past decade.

The Reporting Crisis

Studies indicate that 5% of reports contain diagnostic errors. This suggests every American is likely to be affected in their lifetime. Postmortem analyses show diagnostic errors contribute to 10% of deaths.1

Even without errors, 49% of referrers say the diagnostic report did not address their clinical question, and 40% of referrers say the reports were confusing.2

Bridging the Gap

There is a consensus that improving the creation of structured reports will improve the quality and efficiency of ultrasound exams.

Imorgon NextGen Ultrasound System improves the efficiency of creating structured reports.

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