Structured Reporting for Productivity and Quality

A structured reporting example with a Radiologist reviewing an ultrasound exam.

Welcome to Imorgon, where we offer innovative tools to streamline the process of generating structured reports. Our products significantly enhance the quality of your reports while reducing the time it takes to produce them.

The Motivation

As the demand for diagnostic imaging exams continues to increase, the number of radiologists and technologists needed to meet this demand has not kept pace. This can lead to diagnostic errors, which studies have shown can impact up to 5% of reports and contribute to 10% of deaths.1

Even without errors, over 40% of referrers complain that diagnostic reports are confusing and do not address their clinical question.2


DICOM SR and Structured Reporting

At Imorgon, we’re committed to addressing these issues through our state-of-the-art products. For example, our tools extract measurements generated by any imaging modality, including ultrasound, CT, and DXA, from DICOM SR and other structured files. These measurements are automatically inserted into a reporting package template, such as Nuance Powerscribe, to create structured reports of higher quality and greater consistency.

We also offer customizable electronic worksheets that allow technologists to capture findings quickly and easily. And for ultrasound exams, we have products that accelerate the Radiologist’s image review, further helping to reduce the time it takes to generate reports.

Streamlined Reporting Solution

At Imorgon, we understand the importance of reporting quality and efficiency. That’s why we offer professional services in addition to our state-of-the-art products, to ensure that our customers get the most out of their investment. Whether you’re a radiologist, technologist, or other healthcare professional, our tools and services help you produce high-quality reports with greater efficiency.

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